BlackBerry in Poland is … in fashion!

Piotr Barycki

The BlackBerry phones have, practically since the very beginning, been associated primarily with businessmen – people who have to stay in touch all the time, instantly getting access to necessary information. However, it turned out extremely fast that, even before the popularization among ordinary user, those devices had become inherent equipment for people from entirely different world than business, the world of entertainment and fashion. The celebrities still cannot do without Smart phones with characteristic logo and showing out with them on galas or exclusive parties is still a prestige. No wonder that it is RIM and the BlackBerry brand that are becoming more and more visible during local shows inPoland.


Only within the last few mnoths RIM has actively taken part in four well-known events associated with fashion and art and was supporting both:famous designers and debuts. However, the other participants were not neglected as they could,for instance, use a very interesting means of transport which- for the time of FashionPhilosopy Fashion Week Poland – was so-called      ‚H&M Fashion Train’.  In theory it was just an ordinary machine that many of us travel by througout the year, but in this case it was crammed full of the newest BlackBerry products.

That was in April, but the real public beginning of the BlackBerry adventure with fashion in Poland could be the November last year. When BlackBerry & Play Warsaw Fashion Weekend was organised and almost immediately called by the press ‚the most important fashion event of the fall in 2011’.

After such a successful event we shouldn’t wait for another one for too long. January was the time of the exquisite Deni Cler show (spring-summer 2012) entitled: ‚Ciao! Tornero pui tardi’      (‚Hi! I’ll be back later’). Exquisite because, beside fashion elements , the whole event was focusing on its localization. The show took place nowhere else but in the ‚Kopernik’ Science Center (Centum Nauki Kopernik), which for the first time had agreed to host such event.

The show has obviously attracted crowds of important figures, both from the fashion and business world, and BlackBerry phones ( and tablets) have been repeatedly appearing on the stage as well as around it.  The party was an article topic in some ‚paper’ magazines which, what’s interesting, seemed to notice, beside some more or less eccentric outfits, Smartphones which day by day are becoming more important elements of our everyday look.

In April, Fashion world in Poland was full of excitement thanks to RIM and BlackBerry’s support. Because of that for almost a week Łódź became the capital of Polish fashion, being chosen to organize FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. Just as during previous event, also here BlackBerry brand was more visible- not only with already mentioned ‚H&M Fashion Train’that helped every interested ihabitant of Warsaw to arrive to the party. Beside the already known BlackBerry models,a relatively new (for us) Bold 9790 model was presented, described as            ‚the trendiest Smartphone’, and of course BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which had appeared in branch press… not necessarily the technological one, more than once.



Even though it’s only half of the month RIM is everywhere in Poland where something very interesting is happening. This time the event which has deserved the support of Polish Section of Canadian Company was the project by Mikołaj Komar ‚In Komar’s Eye’ that had been carried out for ten years. The precence of BlackBerry producer among the organizators was pointing at the taget group of consumers- businessmen, creative and productive people.

RIM’s phones and tables couldn’t have been absent during the presentation, where they were – against the current stereotype – playing the role of entartainment devices.
Special ‚race chairs’ had been prepared for that purpose in order to enhance the experience of games in the lastest names for BlackBerry PlayBook. Everything seems to indicate that BlackBerry in Poland is really in fashion -both in literal and metaphorical sense.

photos by: RIM