RIM is preparing a new software update for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Piotr Barycki

The programmers, who during the BlackBerry Word 2012 has been given a Smartphone prototype with the latest software, were aware of the fact that the software was not in it’s final version. And it would be a long way, through many updates, to actual premiere of BlackBerry 10. Despite of the fact that inPolandprobably not many people can actually boast about owning such an device, following that process can be unusually interesting. Even more, because the first set of amendments and new functions should be on the phones pretty soon now.

It’s an official information posted by RIM, through their channel for programmers on twitter. Even though it was mostly an appellation for reporting any necessary amendments and improvements, it’s worth noticing that working on the software for developers, who in a great deal will be responsible for creating BlackBerry 10 eco-system is in progress. And tt hasn’t been even a fortnight since the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha’s ‘premiere’ .

Let’s hope that more and more news and details concerning Dev version and final customer’s edition will be appearing really soon.